Bike Shop Portraits

Some friends of ours put us in touch with the Bike Doc, a terrific local bike shop run by a super enthusiastic and knowedgable team. The atmosphere is very friendly, and the service is “tip-top” (as they say in these parts). The good doctor asked me to come by and make some new portraits of the crew for their website. Always fun to hang out with these guys.

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Creative Couple at the Lindenhof, Zürich

I’m looking forward to doing more Engagement shoots for a couple of reasons. It’s a great way for my clients and I to get familiar with each other before their big day, it familiarizes me with more shooting locations, and of course it just stimulates creativity-plain and simple!

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Big Day in the Engadin

Last weekend I had a two part wedding that starting in Zürich on Friday and then continued in the Engadin region, not far from St. Moritz on Saturday. I left Winterthur early in the morning so I could get a few shots at the hair salon where the bride and her girls were getting themselves all done up. Engadin is gorgeous!

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Verlobungsfotos in Winterthur

Had a great time last weekend with Stephan & Cécile of Brüttisellen. We went up to nearby Goldenberg for an engagement shoot. It was lots of fun and the trees were still hanging onto enough colorful leaves to make for some great backgrounds. I’m really looking forward to working with this couple at their wedding in June.

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Wedding in Burgdorf

Last Friday I was gobsmacked by yet another obscenely beautiful backdrop for wedding photos— Burgdorf, in canton Bern. This place is straight out of a Swiss fairytale.

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