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Life imitates art...

This afternoon I had the pleasure of working with a very talented musician, Gusti Mahler, who is celebrating his tenth year as the band conductor of two terrific big bands in Fischental, ZH. One of his bands is a youth band the other is of adult musicians. Back in November I photographed Gusti and his two bands performing at their ten year anniversary as several hundred community members looked on. It was a fantastic evening, and I could tell how proud the people of Fischental are of his hard work and leadership. It was great to see him again and we had a great time shooting at one of Winterthur’s best known “picture-playgrounds,” the Katharina Sulzer Platz. The former industrial site turned parking garage is stuffed full of textured walls, riveted steel beams, concrete, cobwebs, and cool light. We jumped between three different backgrounds for about 45 minutes, and then packed up. The last two pictures in this posting is from the event back in November where Gusti lead an encore performance.

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